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I got the chance to see FUN. in concert in Milwaukee on Thursday and it was magical. Of course when I returned home from the concert, I came home and only listened to their music for about 10 hours straight (reliving my memories from the concert). I was delighted to see a music video for my absolute favorite song by the guys. Have to share because I just love these gentlemen.


Mall of America Gets a New Identity

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After recently celebrating its 20th Anniversary, Mall of America debuted a new look… including a new logo, new tagline and overall new, dynamic identity.

The nation’s largest retail and entertainment complex has used the same logo for 20 years. Though the logo certainly reflected the patriotic name, it began to look dated.


With the help of Duffy & Partners, a Minneapolis design firm, Mall of America launched a new identity that, “reflects our 20 years of evolution, while paving the way for all of the fresh, exciting, new plans for Mall of America.” (As quoted from Maureen Bausch, Mall of America Executive Vice President of Business Development.)


In describing its new logo, Mall of America explained on their website:

“The creative process recognized the equity found in the star of the original logo and transformed it into the dynamic new star made of vibrant colored ribbons. The ribbons depict the…

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The Great Gatsby: The Creative Process

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I’ve heard about the movie and have even awed over the intense previews, but I never stopped to think about the creativity behind The Great Gatsby typography. Until that is, I found a case study from its creator online… then I was intrigued!

The creator of The Great Gatsby typography is Like Minded Studio, a Sydney based design studio. They collaborated with Baz Luhrmann, director of the film, to create what they describe as a, “bespoke Deco styled logo reflective of the roaring ’20s and Fitzgerald’s masterpiece.”

In addition to designing the logo for the movie, the Like Minded Studio team created an entire display typeface that went along with their design. They even went as far as creating a system so that letters alternate between striped and solid when typed in words.

Below are some of the creative team’s first ideas that eventually helped develop the amazing typeface that…

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Marx Design – Ping’s Popchips

Chips-2_7864_DSC2782_786  Original-Sea-Salt-MG_9907_786Salt---Vinegar_MG_9452_786

Marx Design was asked to create a brand/mascot that would work across multiple products in the snack food category. Their first job was to create the Popchips sub-brand, which consisted of four variants: Sea Salt, Salt & Pepper, Salt & Vinegar and Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream. At this stage of the design Ping’s wanted to avoid the clichés of traditional chip packaging in order to achieve cut-through so we were fine by that!

The very name ‘Popchips’ led us to create a diorama execution in which the elements ‘popped’ off the page with light and shadows. This then became a running theme for the brand that extended to point-of-sale in the form of pop-up books and displays. One of the rules we set ourselves was to make sure the diorama scenes always carried an idea. For the Salt & Pepper variant we created a storm setting out of…

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The Subconscious Mind of the Consumer (And How To Reach It)


Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman says that 95 percent of our purchase decision making takes place in the subconscious mind. But how does a marketer reach the subconscious? Zaltman explains in this Q&A.

by Manda Mahoney

Editor’s Note— Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman’s latest book, How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market, delves into the subconscious mind of the consumer—the place where most purchasing decisions are made. The question: How can marketers understand unconscious consumer thinking? HBS Working Knowledge staffer Manda Mahoney questioned Zaltman about the new book, published by Harvard Business School Publishing.

Mahoney: You state that 95 percent of all cognition occurs in the subconscious mind. How can marketers begin to understand behaviors and attitudes of which customers themselves are not aware?

Zaltman: There are several helpful approaches. One is to double check stated beliefs with actual behavior. For example, many…

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Happy Animal All Season No Reason Gift Cards!!!!!


AS PROMISED, I have tried by utmost best to be efficient, and the new gift card series is finally on etsy (: HURRAH

Thought a long long while about what to name the series, because Happy Animal Cards just didn’t feel quite right. And so I settled with this really really long one, that totally made sense yet no sense at all. Heh. I hope you appreciate my effort in thought though. Insert pleading puppy dog eyes. Anyway, this series was inspired by all these weird people I love so much in my life that I associate animals to. Like for one, I call my sister Pengo; it was meant to be Pengseal (Penguin + Seal) because she walked like a Penguin and made sounds like a Seal. That seal card is dedicated to her, because one thing my Pengo does, she loved giving me loads of love and meals…

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